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Nominations are Open for the 2024 PLMA Awards Program 
Recognizing 2023's Best Demand Response Programs, Initiatives, and Achievements

PLMA is accepting nominations for the best demand response programs, initiatives, and achievements from calendar year 2023 for our 2024 PLMA Awards Program.

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, February 19, 2024.

Awards will be presented to the winners at the 49th PLMA Conference on May 7, 2024.


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Awards Overview
The 2024 PLMA Awards Program, which recognizes achievements from calendar year 2023, lauds industry leaders from the U.S. and globally, who develop innovative approaches, programs, and technologies to manage energy loads with the goal of creating flexibility, mitigating price risks, and supporting the successful grid integration of DERs. 

A Focus on Catalysts to Industry Change
This sought-after industry leadership program exists to support and promote practitioner innovations that serve customers and contribute to advancing the energy transition. In recognition of PLMA’s strategic initiatives and the rapid changes currently occurring in the energy industry, this year’s Awards will also focus attention, where possible and within the three award categories, on efforts that address the following important catalysts of industry change:

  1. Using DERs as a grid resources.
  2. Advancing decarbonization through flexible load management.
  3. Enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Addressing EV impacts to the grid.

About the PLMA Awards
Since 2003, PLMA has presented 100 awards to deserving leaders including utilities, regulators, solutions providers, and others for innovations targeted at the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customer markets.

All nominations are scored by industry peers, on a volunteer basis, against a common merit-based rubric. Oversight of the scoring process is provided by the Awards Program Co-Chairs who are Kevin Knight of Baltimore Gas and Electric, Peter Bergeron of CPower, and Meg Campbell of Guidehouse. 

PLMA Seeks Award Nominations in these Categories:

Award Category



Program Pacesetter
Innovative solutions require excellent program design and delivery. The Program Pacesetter Award seeks to recognize outstanding programs that effectively support and deliver flexible load management.
Utility or Regulator
Independent System Operator or Regional Transmission Operator
Aggregator or Marketer
Technology Pioneer
Achieving the potential for peak load management can be greatly enhanced by technology. The Technology Pioneer Award seeks to recognize innovative applications of technology with demonstrated potential to scale.
Solutions Provider
Thought Leader
Education, research, and outreach are key elements in any market transformation. The Thought Leader Award seeks to recognize the impact of projects, outreach campaigns, and individual contributions that have the potential to shape the energy industry's future.

1. The recipient categories are arranged in this table adjacent to the most likely award category.
2. As appropriate, any of the individual recipient categories can be associated with any of the three award categories.
3. An organization may belong in more than one category.
4. The Awards Committee may make multiple awards, or no awards, in each category annually. 
5. Before submitting a nomination, please view PLMA's Awards Program Policy at www.peakload.org/policies

Step-by-Step Award Program Guide:

Step 1: Consider Nominating
Put forth an industry peer, partner, program, or achievement for the 2024 PLMA Awards. Self-nominations are appropriate and are also encouraged. Nominations are accepted from all industry professionals. PLMA membership is not required. 

Step 2: Complete Nomination Form
Deadline: February 19, 2024.

Step 3: Plan to Attend the 49th PLMA Conference in Portland
Date: May 6-8, 2024 

The 49th PLMA Conference offers real-world insights into flexible load management, DERs as grid resources, decarbonization, EV managed charging, and includes the 2024 PLMA Awards presentation. Event details can be found here: 49th PLMA Conference

Presenter Policy
All award winners and presenters will be required to follow PLMA's Presenter Policy. Presenters are responsible for their own conference registration costs, travel, and hotel expenses. All presenters must comply with the PLMA Presenter Policy. Presentation materials may not include "copyright" or "confidential" marks.

Learn about PLMA's past award winners here.

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Nominations will be accepted through 11:59 PM PT February 19, 2024.

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